Bridging Divides for Health Equality

Bridging Divides for Health Equality

On 5th July HEAR held its first 'in person'event, where members and staff werejoined by Vicky Hobart, Gus Wilson and Karen Steadman from the health team atthe GLA to spend a half day together thinking about and discussing healthinequalities in London and what we can all do to tackle them.

After the keynote presentation from Vicky, whois GLA Group Director of Public Health,were also pleased to hear from Kush Kanodia, trustee of Inclusion London, onthe impact on disabled Londoners of the proposed expansion of the Ultra LowEmission Zone (ULEZ), and Joseph Oladosu, Director of Action for Community Development, on healthinequalities and London's black andminoritised communities.

Key issues for members during the discussions includedmental health, the threat to human rights, levelling up in London, andstructural and instituional discrimination, negative assumptions and attitudesand stereotyping

If you would like to receive copies of the slidesfrom the event, reports and other resources, or find out more about HEAR's workon health inequality, please email:

You can access the Health Inequality StrategyImplementation Plan and accompanying documents here:

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